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South Florida Paranormal

Welcome To South Florida Paranormal

We are located in Fort Lauderdale Fl. We frequently visit allegedly haunted spots from Orlando to Key West, From Miami to Naples.

Paranormal Investigations

We are available upon request to investigated Haunted locations and areas where paranormal experiences occur. We enter each and every investigation with a clear and open mind.

While we will do research on the history of the area, address  and location we do not allow this to bias our investigations in  any form .

Once on site we will do a preliminary walk through  to pinpoint where the alleged activity occurs.

If available we will do a sit down interview with anyone available that has had experiences.

The next step is setting up our equipment, This involves setting up our cameras, Infrared lights   Laser Grids,

 Camcorders with IR Lights, Trigger objects and DVR equipment.

Most investigations occur between 10pm and 6am

We do not charge for our Investigations

However Donations are always greatly Appreciated to offset costs.

                                                         Ghost Hunts

From Orlando to Key West, Miami to Naples.  We regularly visit Haunted locations to record evidence of any Strange or Paranormal activity. As with the investigations we go into every hunt with open and clear minds, We always try to find reasonable explanations for occurrences. 

We are Proud to be Listed as one of the Expert Paranormal Groups on